Friday, November 4, 2016

Five on Friday - Lilly Presents, Energy for Life, Molars

Happy Friday!

Today I have a few things...

1.  On Tuesday, Kevin invited me to go with him to a work workshop called Energy for Life.  It was a fantastic seminar and basically empowers you to have energy for life and tells you how to do it.  AKA - put your phone down, schedule your life right, make certain things a priority and time is not an excuse for not taking care of yourself.  

2.  In honor of Lilly Pulitzer's birthday, they're giving presents with a purchase tomorrow and Sunday, and they're all travel related!  How cute are they?!!  Visit the Charlotte store if you're local or you can always order online!

3.  This little one has been so sweet this week.  Last week she got her upper two molars and the bottom two are coming any day.  She had a swim lesson yesterday as well and we are hopefully going to start that back again.  It was a long month without Molly Anne in the pool.  Every night she pretends the tub is a pool and nearly gives me a heart attack!

4.  This boy got groomed last Thursday and is extra soft and fluffy!  We love him.  Molly Anne constantly says, "Bubba" to him.  Kevin taught her Bubba last week so now that is all she calls him.

5.  Last night and tonight we have Kevin's niece Kendall staying with us!  She was such a joy to have last night and we are looking forward to tonight!

Here's to a nice Fall weekend!  Don't forget to Fall back on your clocks Sunday morning at 2am!


  1. That workshop sounds awesome. I need to attend one of those! I'm definitely looking at some Lilly online. Wish I was in Charlotte to go to the store! Have fun with yalls niece!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely week! Enjoy the weekend! Xo

  3. Theo went to that workshop as well and I think he really liked it. Y'all have a good weekend!