Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day In the Life - 10/24/16

I want to remember these days!  This was last Monday.  So here we go...

6a - my alarm goes off.  I put two feet on the ground and do my hair (usually just brush it) and make up.  No shower for me in the mornings, I'd rather sleep.  Shower at night.

6:15a - takes about 10 min to get Mills to get off his bed and go out.  He eats then I wash his face with a warm, wet paper towel (rotten!) then we go out back again 

6:30a - I put dishes away that were drying from dinner last night. MA still not awake. 

6:40a - I get dressed and make a quick breakfast to eat in the car.  

6:50a - I hear MA so I go get her dressed and give her milk and plop her in bed with Kevin.  He gets up and they eventually go to Becky's anywhere from 7:30-8:30 depending on what his schedule is that day.  

7a - I leave for work. 

7:30a - I get to my office.  

12:45p - I finally make it out to grab lunch at Teeter. I also have to get one thing for dinner tomorrow night.  

1:05p - back to my office to eat at my desk. Busy today.  I always try to front load my weeks and do a lot early in the week and let it taper off Thursday and Fridays.

3p - I leave my office to go get Molly Anne. 

4p - Molly Anne and I get home and I change into workout clothes and it's a nice day so I put her in the stroller, get Mills on a leash and we all go for a little run.  It's like knocking out three things at a time - MA likes being outside, Mills loves running and I get exercise.  Everyone's happy.

4:30p - back and I feed Mills early, start dinner, play with Molly Anne while trying not to burn dinner.  

4:45p - we all go out back to play and waste time until Kevin gets home.  She loves to swing in the hammock right now.  Also, she likes to gather acorns and sticks and try to fit as many as she can in her little hands.  

5p - FaceTime with my mom while in the playroom aka guest room.  I prop my phone up so she watches and talks to Molly Anne and I go vacuum at the same time.  Thanks Mom for babysitting my child from 500 miles away.

5:15p - I go turn on the oven and get dinner cooking

5:40p - Kevin is home and we eat dinner around 5:50 or so at the dining room table together.

6p - I clean up the kitchen while Kevin takes her for some play time since he hasn't gotten to spend much time with her.  

6:15p - usually I join them playing but today I'm going to put away some laundry and go take a shower to wash my hair.

6:30p - Molly Anne in the tub

7p - bedtime for her and I dry my hair

7:30p - I run around the house like a crazy person trying to get things straightened up and ready for the next day

8p - I really want to be watching Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on The Voice and also Dancing with the Stars but instead I turn it on in the den and go in the kitchen to prep dinner for the next night.  I can hear it.  After I finish in the kitchen, I go fast forward the DVR to parts I care about.

9:30p - I get on the phone with Hello Fresh because the gift card that I have won't work.  I spend FOURTY FIVE minutes on the phone with them and I'm highly annoyed.  Not even worth using the gift card at this point.  I think we're straight though and on 10/31 we'll get three meals in the mail.  First time using the service.  
10:15p - Mills and I go out one last time then we go to bed.

10:45p - I finally quit scrolling through Instagram and I go to sleep.  This is late for me, usually I'm in the bed by 9:30p.  

That's my crazy day!


  1. I love those meal services. Hello Fresh is good, but I really only wanted two meals a week because my kids won't eat the meals and I only wanna prep two dinners two nights...not three. I also tried Home Chef and LOVED it even more. I now have several great new recipes that I have recreated from the meal subscription recipe cards!

  2. These are my favorite posts! I'm so nosy! I love that you wipe Mils face with a warm wet paper towel. You get a ton done during the day!! I really need to start taking my boys on late afternoon walks. It would really make that time between 4-6 much better!!

  3. Whew, I'm tired reading this! Things go so much better when you're organized like this though... I used to FaceTime/watch my granddaughter too sometimes. You do what you have to. So funny you have to get Mills up, sleepy head.

  4. Such a busy day! I love that you wash Mills' face every morning with a warm paper towel. So sweet. You'll have to let me know how Hello Fresh goes. I want to try it out. I usually prep my dinners ahead of time, too, but sometimes I get in a rut and eat the same things that are healthy and quick on repeat over and over.

    The Lovely Latte

  5. Did your Hello Fresh box come? I just signed up and would love to hear what you thought.