Wednesday, November 30, 2016


While we were in Pawleys Island, we took the girls to see Santa on Saturday!  We did this last year and thought we would try to make it an annual tradition.  This year he was at the Hammock Shops!  We got there early and the girls played on the playground.  

Then...this one spotted Santa.  

And she was cool about it.  Interested.  

And then tried to run up to him while this family was having his picture taken.  I literally had to go grab her!

But then....not so much.  NOT thrilled.

Mrs. Claus even had to tell her to be quiet hahaha!


At this point, my SIL and I were cracking up at her!  We were like CRY HARDER MOLLY ANNE, WE WANT ONE OF THOSE AWESOME SANTA PICTURES!  Joking...kinda.  ;)

Nooooo Mrs. Claus I do not want a gift from you!

So in the end, there were no real tears.  She just wasn't thrilled to be on Santa's lap.  He was the sweetest Santa though!

Done Mama.  Done.  

So, we've seen Santa this year!


  1. I am so glad that I am not going to be alone in the whole "I'm not a fan of Santa" thing! We stopped by to just see Santa (not even attempting pictures), and I could tell that SC was not a fan. We are going to try to take a photo, but I know it will be a debacle. You got some adorable ones though! I love how expressive she is. :)

  2. I love the cry face too!! Molly Anne looks so cute! I had Oliver sit on Santa's lap this last weekend with his cousins and was secretly hoping for some tears but all we got was whining and pointing at Mommy! Haha

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