Thursday, November 10, 2016

My thoughts...

I really tried not to do a hard core political post but I had to jot a few things down for my own memory and honestly to just put things on "paper" so I'd feel better.  So read if you want to read, and don't if you don't want to.  I know we all don't agree and that's what makes our world go round.  These are just my opinions or thoughts.  

1.  Obviously I am happy with the outcome of the election and let me tell you why.  There are two main things I personally care about that are near and dear to me - small businesses and Veterans.  Small businesses because my Dad, brother and husband all own one and Veterans because close family and friends are Veterans and this country needs to do something better for those that are fighting to keep you and me safe.  Those are two of my thoughts and I truly think this country needed change and I'm looking forward to it.  The rest, I'll keep to myself.

2.  I saw all of these posts on Facebook about telling your children the outcome of the election.  I truly don't understand that because in my case, Molly Anne is one.  She doesn't have a clue about any of it and we prefer to keep her innocent and will teach her about these important things as she gets older.  As far as older children, I think you must teach them that it was an election, one person wins and one person loses and we must respect the President no matter what.  Simple as that.  

3.  As far as it being a male versus female president.  I didn't want Hillary to win just because she's a female.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a ra-ra-ra woman kinda gal (don't forget I work in a field of all males so I'm all about women earning and being equal to menl!).  But Molly Anne has plenty of successful, powerful, wonderful women in her life.  I don't need a female president to show Molly Anne that she's amazing!  Molly Anne still can be anything she wants to be in life because we will give her the confidence to do so, not because we have a female president.    

4.  Why did Hillary leave all of her supporters hanging at 3am and not give a speech until 11:30am?  That's messed up.  If I had been standing there and supported her through all of this, I would have been so mad.  

5.  The results are the results.  Clearly there are people in this country that like what they think Trump will do and they showed up yesterday. don't have to like the guy to like what he's hopefully going to do for our country.

Okay thanks bye!