Monday, November 7, 2016

Kendall Visit

How is everyone this morning?  How about that time change when you have little children?  Molly Anne got the memo on Saturday morning and slept in but last night she was a nut because she felt like she was staying up an extra hour ha!  And this morning - she was up at 5:30am.  Ahhh!  I left her in there until 6:15am.  Every day she'll adjust and she'll be back to normal soon.  I kept her nap time and bed time the same as usual last night. 

Thursday afternoon Kevin picked his niece Kendall up and the four of us went to dinner and she spent the night at our house!  

Kevin went to Dallas on Friday afternoon for a family reunion and I had both girls!  I picked Kendall up from her daycare first and we had a special trip to Target!

I let her pick out a few things she really wanted.  I loved watching her decide.  She ended up with Elena and Elsa dolls.  And a mini my little pony.  She was soooo excited!  And I was so excited to see her so happy!  Target trip...something Aunts get to do for their nieces!  

We went to pick Molly Anne up then we came home and played outside with the boys from next door for awhile.  

After Molly Anne went to bed Kendall and I had popcorn and watched a show that she wanted!

Mills, mad I wouldn't let him sleep with either of the girls.

Saturday morning - Dunkin Donuts!  


Kendall went home that morning.  We had so much fun with her!

Molly Anne and I went to take care of Sarah's dogs mid day on Saturday!  Missing is Molly!

The rest of the weekend, Molly Anne and I didn't even leave the house except for two really long walks through the neighborhood.  This hound slept with me both nights Kevin was gone.  I love that pooch.

Silence yesterday morning was brought to you by this coloring sheet taped to her high chair.

with these markers that don't write on anything except the special paper.  Thank you Crayola!

On our walk yesterday we saw the most gorgeous Golden Retriever named Atlas.  He was from Seasons Gold breeder.  Soooooo sweet.  Molly Anne kept yelling "Bubba" the rest of the walk!

Kevin got home yesterday afternoon and we went to check out our lot and watched the Panthers game.  Woohoo they won!  

Happy Monday!


  1. How fun, the girls are so cute together! Ooh and I need to keep those markers in mind --genius!

  2. I am sure those two will be such good friends! MA will definitely look up to K, I always (and still do) look up to my older cousins.

  3. Cousins are so special! When M was MA's age she LOVED getting to hang with her big girl cousins. She still does!


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