Friday, November 11, 2016

Five Things

1.  Today is Veterans Day!  Thank you to all of our veterans and their caregivers for keeping us free and safe.  They are the very best.  In honor of this special day, I wanted to tell you about a new foundation.  Susan Tillis is the wife of Senator Thom Tillis and is a wonderful lady.  She announced that her foundation has been founded and I wanted to let you all know about it!  See her post below that she put on facebook.  Here is the link:

Dear Friends,
I am thrilled to share that I have recently founded The Susan M. Tillis Foundation to empower and serve our nation’s military and veteran families. When my husband, Thom Tillis, was sworn in as a United States Senator, I had a firsthand look at the journey that many of our nation’s heroes face. It was on my first visit to Walter Reed Army Hospital that I truly encountered some of the day to day challenges our military families endure. Thom and I have worked hard to instill appreciation for the selfless sacrifice of our military in our own family, and feel blessed to ask you to join me in this most important mission.
The Susan M. Tillis Foundation will provide tangible support to young active duty military families, many that often have an average income of just $21,000 per year. By providing equipment, resources, and much needed items, we are able to help lessen the load for those that sacrifice so much to keep us free. Fort Bragg’s Womack Medical Center delivers approximately 2000 babies per year. The majority of these families face long separations due to deployment, training, and medical issues. The Susan M. Tillis Foundation salutes these heroes that keep us free, and asks you to join with us in ensuring they feel our support.
Thank you for joining with me in this vital mission. I hope you will join me in donating today:…
With every best wish,

2.  I literally just got off the plane this morning at 6am from a red eye back from Salt Lake.  I flew there yesterday morning and back over night.  It's a true 24 hour trip with zero sleep but always worth it to be back home playing "mama!"  (even those she's at Ms. Becky's now, I got to see her this morning and take her over there!)

3.  RANDOM but I met Ms. America at a gas station at 9pm last night in Salt Lake City.  Not Miss America, but Ms. America.  It's for ages 26 and older.  Let me tell yall - she was the absolute sweetest.  It's kinda a long story of how I got talking to she and her friend but basically he had a Ferrari and I told him I should take a picture of it for my husband which I never did but the three of us ended up talking for about 15 minutes.  She couldn't have been nicer. And now we're facebook friends, she's going to come to Charlotte at some point to see her friend and get in touch with me and she said she loved me last night ha!  She was super super super sweet and most importantly doing really great things for America!  PS - isn't she gorgeous?!!

4.  I had time after my meeting before going to the airport so I slipped by my favorite mall - City Creek.  It spans two blocks of the SLC downtown and the roof that you see in the below picture opens and closes based on how nice the weather is.  There is also a creek running through it.  Fancy!

5.  Three little girls walking the hood earlier this week!!!


  1. You look so good in purple - and what a cute story! Ya gotta love meeting sweet strangers!

  2. What a great foundation, thanks for sharing! How fun to meet ms. America. She's beautiful! That mall
    Looks awesome! I'm sure you're so glad to be back home for the weekend with your sweet girl!

  3. That mall looks awesome! I thought the Southpoint mall was fun with the indoor/outdoor portions, but that puts the icing on the cake!