Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Brick and Shingles

Just a little house update.  This is a picture of the actual shingles, brick and mortar our house will be!  The brick will have a mortar smear all of it which means they are purposely sloppy with the mortar and they spread it over the brick a bit.  It's a way to make it a little more white without painting or using lime wash.  

Plans are in for HOA approval as of November 1st so we are hoping we can break ground by December 1st.  We visited the lot the other day and the surveyor has staked property corners and our house corners.  Very cool!!! 


  1. I loooove the brick! Time to get this party started haha

  2. I don't see how I can leave comments on your thoughts posts, so including them down here. Also, HI! I actually have a moment to check out blogs like old times. :)

    First, I agree with you. I didn't want Hillary--but honestly, I didn't want Trump either. I'm so sad that these were the options that both party's presented. I also agree that just because Hillary is a woman doesn't mean that I want her to be President. I believe that she made some very poor choices and I wouldn't want her to be the example of women leadership. I'm excited to see when that glass ceiling will be broken and I'm hopeful that its someone that I can get behind, respect, and cheer on.

    Secondly, I'm sad about what I'm seeing on FB and social media. Our democracy and country are about peaceful transfer of power and these protests make me sad. They are unwarranted and don't make sense. No one in the leadership--both Dems or Republicans--are contesting this election so we should follow their leadership and support the President-elect. I'm also thankful that we live in a country that believes in check and balances.

    Thirdly, I just read a study that most HS students are graduating without having read the Constitution and that some college students didn't even know who won the Civil War. That is insane and where misinformation starts. We need to teach our children not just reality celebrity's names, but also the Supreme Court justices and our local leadership.

    Sorry for the long comment. :)

  3. In a Democracy we are allowed to voice our opinion whether it be about the election, about immigrant rights, about women's rights, healthcare, freedom of press etc. And unless this new President takes after Russia's Putin - who does not tolerate any disagreement with his views- he can expect to see more protests in the future. And isn't that freedom what the Veterans in my family and yours have fought for?

  4. I live in your neck of the woods and have two small children. Unlike you, I do dread having to explain the results of this election to them, when they are old enough to understand. Here's why: because of the things the President-elect did and (notably) didn't do during the election process, there is a very real and palpable fear among many Americans regarding their value and sense of security. And those voters who supported this man have an obligation to, at the least, acknowledge that their "win" came at the expense of many others' fundamental right of freedom to exist as they are. Failure to own that and instead saying "well, the people have spoken," is burying your head in the sand.