Monday, November 14, 2016

Oyster Roast and Pig Pickin' and Southern Christmas Show

We had a busy weekend!  And my morning started at 4:30am today because of Elmo randomly starting to play on Kevin's computer in his office.  Even more exciting, I have a physical this morning and have to fast for 5 hours which is really like 16 hours since I ate dinner.  Haha!  

Friday night we had an Oyster Roast and Pig Pickin' that benefitted the North Carolina Heroes Fund.  It was a wonderful event that our friends Kristen and Lauren put together.  North Carolina Heroes Fund fills the gap from when our military comes home until they get another job.  They provide car payments, utility payments, rent, etc. to make the transition a bit easier.

The event was held at Quail Hollow Club and it was simply gorgeous.  Kevin helped sponsor the event and the guys at my office did as well.  There were other corporate sponsors that were overly generous.  It was a wonderful evening.

Our group of girlfriends. 

Afterwards, we went home and Kevin built a fire out back and we stayed out there until 1am.  Haha. It was the right decision at the time by 7am Molly Anne time came early!

Saturday we were super lazy all morning.  We didn't even leave the house but we did play a lot!

Afternoon snack time outside as usual. 

Kevin's parents called and asked us to go to dinner at Hawthorne's with them and Kendall so we did that!

Every time we go to Hawthornes we take this picture.  I love to compare it to the others to see how much the girls have grown.  I don't have time today to go back and compare but I will soon!

Sunday morning...

Then Molly Anne and I went to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte.  It was a fun girls morning full of lots of excitement...specifically changing diapers in the back of the car when I arrived and only having spare shorts in my diaper bag, not pants.  Girls, change your spare clothes out to be season specific!  Lesson learned! ;)

First time in a raincoat!  The whole coat and car seat thing is nuts but I understand why.  It's just crazy to put them in a coat for a 2 second walk to the car, then take it off of them.  I have been just keeping a blanket in the car to drape over her.  

She basically fell in love with being at the Christmas show.  She loved the lights and this dancing dog and all of the action!

She refused to keep her shoes on at all so she rode around with her leg in the air and no shoes on.  Mother of the year, I know.  People made comments mostly about how cute she was but some about how her feet must be cold.  I said, "well she won't keep them on and I'm tired of picking them up in a crowded area!!!"  

@theTipsyBunny had their hair bows there so we had to go check them out!  Cutest bows!

Lil queenie was pretty much over it at this point.

And it was nap time so we jetted home for a good few hour nap!  

A weekend well spent!  


  1. What a fun weekend!! The oyster roast sounds like a great event! My wedding reception was at Quail Hollow and our rehearsal dinner in the pavilion .. it's such a beautiful room! Looks like a really fun night! I love that Molly Anne didn't want to wear her shoes! And that little rain coat is just darling. A fun weekend for sure!

  2. I've been meaning to check out the Southern Christmas Show...I think next year is the year:)

  3. Love the barefoot pictures :)

    None of my kids nor my granddaughter would keep shoes or socks on so I just started putting tights on them, even my boys.
    They still took their shoes off but at least their feet stayed warm.

  4. It sounds like such a fun weekend and what a great cause for Friday night's event! SC does the same thing...and I am terrified of losing an expensive pair of shoes! She pulls off her socks too, but at least I don't have to worry too much if we lose one or both. I saw Plain Jane's suggestion of tights; that's a great idea and one I might have to copy!

  5. Those pics of MA with her cute little bare feet stuck up in the air made me laugh! She is so stinking cute :) I can't wait to do things like this with our girl next Christmas!!