Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Friday

 - Happy Veteran's Day!  We're so thankful for you all.

 - I'm thinking of Margot and TJ.  Visit her blog here to see what they are doing to honor their two boys who were due today.  And yall please leave her some love.

 - Still no water in our building -- day 4!  I am getting a run in today (no matter what!) and Kevin's parents are being super sweet and letting us shower there tonight.  Until then, I put an extra poof of perfume on this morning!  We should be getting water back later tonight but we'll see.....

 - Yall ever heard of Chicken Fried Chicken?  I had that last night at Rock Bottom for dinner.  It's basically like country fried steak but with chicken.  Delish and SO bad for me.  Hey, I couldn't cook, no water!  ...or that's my excuse anyway!

 - Tomorrow we have Kevin's family reunion so we're looking forward to that!

 - What plans do you all have for the weekend?


  1. Oh girl. Still no water!? That is tough. It's kinda like injuring your thumb and then not realizing how MUCH you rely on it daily! I hope it gets turned on. If you are ever leaving work and want to pop in just to drink out of the faucet come on over! :)

  2. No water?! What a bummer! My plans are full of entertaining! Zach's brother and sister-in-law are in town, so we are doing lots of touristy stuff and eating good food.

  3. Hope the water comes back soon - I know how rough it is!

    Have fun at Kevin's family reunion!

    I'm working most of the weekend but seeing Darius Rucker tomorrow! Yay!

  4. DAY 4 of no water?! Oh my goodness, I'm sure you're super thankful for Kevin's parents right about now! Hopefully it will be on again soon! I had that happen in my apartment before and you don't realize how much you need water...we all should be thankful to have it!

    Hunter is coming to visit this weekend, so those are my plans! Have fun at the reunion!

  5. Still no water? Oh hon, I'm so sorry. That is a horrible thing to have happen. I hope you had fun at Kevin's family reunion!

  6. I really hope you have water again! Hope you had a great weekend. :)