Monday, November 14, 2011

Cute photos

We had a busy weekend full of family, friends and fun! Friday night we went out to dinner with Kevin's family, Saturday we went to their family reunion in Winston-Salem and yesterday we went out with some friends to watch the Panther's football game. 

Today I just wanted to show you some cute pictures I've received recently of my god child/2nd cousin, Amelia!  I sent her a halloween card with stickers and this is what happened when she opened it in their driveway, ha!

Precious school photo!

My niece Anna Kate enjoying a fair!

Shopping for boots and a cowgirl hat!

She got some boots! 

In other news, we anxiously awaiting Kevin's niece who should be arriving this week!  Or at least we hope so for Brittany's sake!  She is due on Friday!  Lots of cute lil nieces in Kevin's and my world!