Sunday, November 20, 2011


Yall know I'm not very open to shopping at new stores.  Because let's be honest, I'm terrible at putting outfits together unless someone at J. Crew or Lilly tells me how to do it.  I never shop at Forever 21 or any of those places because I don't have the patience to find diamonds in the rough and usually it isn't my style. 

When I received an email from Maurice's offering a Splurge party, I was a little anxious because I had never heard of the place.  I did some research online, opened my mind and replied back.

They were so sweet and even sent me a big ole gift card so I would come in and see what they were all about.  I drove up to Concord one Sunday morning and the sweet manager showed me the ropes.  She was super sweet and knew her store front to back. 

I ended up trying on lots of things....things I knew wouldn't work on me, things I didn't love on a hanger and good ole basics.  I came away with some great things. 

I was glad I gave it a chance and checked it out.  Their prices are easy on the wallet and you can't beat some classic long sleeve shirts or tanks.  I also got the ivory ruffle cardigan above.
I recommend you stop by there to give them a chance too!  They have over 800 retail stores nationwide, mostly in the midwest so I bet some of you all have heard of them.  They are relatively new here in the southeast. 

As I mentioned, they did give me the gift card to try it out, but these opinions are mine. 


  1. sounds fun! I love that ruffled cardigan!

  2. I lived in a super small town in college and Maurice's was our only option besides Walmart and I really loved a lot of their stuff. It's not as manic as Forever 21 and their clothes always fit me so well. They always had tons of cute dresses too!

  3. That's awesome! There is a Maurice's near my house in a huge shopping center, but I have NEVER gone in...maybe I will give it a chance now!

  4. I wish I lived near a mall in general lol, the closest one is 30 minutes away, and I usually can't be bothered. Though I have bought stuff from Maurice's way back, haven't been in awhile. How did you get the gift card?