Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Fresh Fruit Cone

Today, I'm linking up with Hopsy at Kappa Prep for her DIY Holiday Gift Link Up.  I'm not the most crafty lady in the world but there is nothing better than a good ole classic, especially one inspired by Williamsburg.  You can use this in your own home or give to a friend with instructions.  She would be free to design it how she likes!

First you must purchase the cone that is used as a base. Mine is an old one from my Mom but these things last forever! Click here to see one online. I'd get the cone and base but may want to call to confirm it's what you'll need. I searched high and low and cannot find the wooden studded one that I have.  I bet if you headed to Michael's or another craft store, you could find a cone that would work for much cheaper.  Mine has nails that stick out of the cone so you can stick apples into it. 
As you can see, I topped mine with a pineapple and stuck some fresh boxwood in between the apples to cover the cone. 

Here is a quick read on how some ideas of how to make yours!  They have pictures of some...oh how I love the oranges with the fresh cloves in it!

It's the perfect centerpiece, decoration or gift!  You can change it up and use it differently every year.  And even someone not very crafty like me can handle it! :)

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