Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween at my parents house!

Ahhh Blogger makes me so mad.  I can never upload a vertical picture and have it stay vertical.  So frustrating.  Anyway, turn your head to the right and check out this gorgeous wreath my Mom had made.  Gorgeous, right?!

So there's a story behind this jack-o-lantern!  We used to set a speaker outside behind a pumpkin and hide behind their baywindow and in this spooky voice talk to the children.  We were "The Great Pumpkin!"  Sounds like The Great Pumpkin made an appearance this year thanks to Mom or Dad!

Turn your head to the right again and there's good ole Mama waiting for the trick-or-treaters!  Ha, she has her slippers on!

Since Kevin and I live in a high rise condo building, we don't get to have trick-or-treaters.  Not fun!  This year to celebrate we just walked over to Yoforia and got some pumpkin yogurt.  I wanted to do something sorta Halloween-ish.  Ha!  Next year we'll be more Halloween-ish and maybe just maybe we'll have a real house as I call it (or one of us will anyway!). 


  1. I miss having trick or treaters!! Hunter had them so I called him to get the full details on the cute kiddies and what they were wearing!!

  2. I love the Great Pumpkin story - too cute! We didn't get trick or treaters, either... I miss them, but honestly I miss trick or treating more! (A huge bag of candy - I'll take it!)

  3. so cute! I had a couple treaters too!

  4. I wish I had trick-or-treaters as well! This year I did get to go to the zoo with the bf's nephew, so we did see lots of adorable kids in costume. :)

  5. It was the weirdest thing, we had trick or treaters at my college apartment! My roomies and I just stood there stunned. Luckily we had some candy!