Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet William Jack

Meet William Jack, born on 10/31/11 at 4:10pm at 9 lbs. 13oz.! 

Kim and Jeff are the proud parents of adorable Jack!  Kim was my sorority sister in college and one of my best friends!  They are so in love with him, rightfully so! 

I felt fortunate that Kim allowed me to go visited yesterday in the hospital and even hold him!  What a joy that was!  And I can totally see how it's addicting to hold babies....I wanted to go back for more after work!

And of course I had to take them a lil something during my visit - some sandwiches and a monogrammed bib.  Kim's Dad asked, "where are the airplane bottles?"  I pulled them each right of my purse and handed them over to Kim and Jeff!  Bacardi for her and Jack Daniels for him.  Necessary!

We're SO thrilled for you guys and cannot wait to get lots of visits in with Jack!  See you this weekend!


  1. How cute, congrats to them! And your day to hold a precious one will come one day soon :) You look good with a baby on your arm ;) hehe

  2. Beautiful! My son weighed just a little more than that when he was born, big boy!!

  3. absolutely adorable! i love that you brought them airplane bottles!

  4. How precious! And haha, I love that you had airplane bottles for them!

  5. So jealous that you've already gotten to see & hold him! Yay Kim!