Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New/Free Ipod

This morning it was still dark when I set out to run by myself so I ended up doing a fast mile on the dreadmill then it was light enough so I went outside.  A warm 61 degrees this AM was a nice change!  I stayed close to home in a populated area (or as populated as it can be at 6:30am) and did another couple miles.  When I walked back in, our sweet concierge said I "looked fatigue."  Now if you know Isaac, you know that he knows what's up.  He said, "I suggest some rest, Vitamin C and lots of water for you and if you feel that tickle in the back of your throat, make sure you listen to your body."  He is so funny!  And then he said, "now you just never look like or act like this when you get back from your runs so you need to take care of yourself."  Hilarious and such a nice guy! 

My Dad sent me an article on Sunday about Apple replacing first generation Nano's due to overheating risk.  You can read the article here.  Amazingly I still have that first generation Nano (it's the one with the silver back) so I followed the directions to Apple's website (the link is in the article) and filled in my serial number.  They will be sending me a box this week to send my Nano back and receive a new one.  How awesome is that?! 


  1. wow how awesome is that! I am pretty sure that I just threw mine away not too long ago because it wasnt charging. xo

  2. Wow that is so great!
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  3. A friend showed me that article as well so I eagerly sent my mom an email telling her about it and she responded how that was the iPod my Dad lost at the airport...just my luck!

  4. I totally still have mine too, and the battery is completely shot! Thanks for the tip!