Tuesday, December 28, 2010


As you all know, we had the big snow storm this past weekend!  Maryland's eastern shore got about a foot of snow! 

Of course I was home at my parent's for Christmas and was supposed to leave on Sunday morning.  We went to the airport and of course the flight ended up being canceled. 

It just kept snowing and snowing through Monday early AM.  I'm booked on a 5pm flight today back to Charlotte so we'll see.  So far all of the flights that have gone there today have left on time so hopefully that continues!

Obviously it hasn't been a bad thing that I got stuck at home.  More time at home-home and with my parents.  Can't remember the last time I've been here for a week...probably one of my first couple years of college.

In the mean time, check out the above cutie (definitely worth it to turn your head or computer screen).  My niece Anna Kate in her NC State cheerleading outfit I got her for Christmas.

Hope yall are enjoying a relaxing week!


  1. Aww your niece is adorable in her cheerleader outfit! cute gift. I gave my cousin a cowboy outfit when he was little and he LOVED it!

  2. Hope you get home safely! I was snowed in in NH for an extra day, which of course, was fine with me!

    We have a family friend who was supposed to fly from Boston to LA on Monday via Virgin Atlantic and his flight was canceled and rescheduled for NEXT Tuesday, Jan 4!!!

  3. Hope you got home ok :)

    Luckily I only got like 7" in western nj unlike most of the state!

    Cute cheerleader!

  4. I got stranded too! Hope you are home safely now :)