Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PA and MD

Today I'm sitting in the US Air Club on my way to PA for a night meeting tonight.  From there, I'll drive down to Baltimore to stay the night.

My parents are meeting me in Baltimore for a couple things and then we'll drive over to Salisbury tomorrow for Christmas. 

This is my parents and I last Christmas. 

I'm looking forward to seeing them and hanging out for 5 days.  Although I'll miss Kevin a ton, I know it's the right thing to do - for us each to be with our families.

Merry Christmas!  :)


  1. Man, I thought I traveled a lot for work! You are always in the air or on the road. Thank goodness for frequent flier miles and upgrades, right?!

    Merry Christmas to you and Kevin, and I get the feeling you'll be enjoying joint holidays soon. :)

  2. You are always traveling my friend!! I hope you have a lovely holiday with your parents!!! Enjoy! xoxo

  3. Enjoy time with family. So sorry that you and Kevin can't be together over the holidays, but hopefully you will have a great time anyway. Safe travels. Merry Christmas. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I know it's got to be hard splitting up holidays and such. I have friends who were married for years, and alwas did separate holidays so that they could each see family.

    Of course, now that they have a little one...they make everyone come to them :) It's a HUGE gathering, and so much fun!

    Have a lovely Christmas.

    Oh, AND...what is it like in the US Air Club? I've always wondered what goes on behind those doors!

  5. Don't you just love work travel? As exhausting as it is, I actually do :) I hope you get some relax time for the holidays! Merry Christmas!

  6. Your parents are so cute. Total family resemblance!