Monday, December 13, 2010

Low Key Weekend

We had a really low key weekend and tried to get over whatever crud we've both had for too long.  Evidently I didn't get better because I hardly slept last night due to excessive coughing.  Finally I decided the crud beat me (after 1.5 weeks) so I went to the doc this morning.  Bronchitis.  Joy...especially since I have a couple flights tomorrow and Wednesday for a work trip.  Oh well.  I'm loaded up on some meds now. 

Friday night we went out to dinner at Cantina 1511.  We love mexican and this was a fun treat.

Saturday morning I got up and watched the Thunder Road Marathon.  They passed through downtown Charlotte around mile 17 one block from Avenue.  This was the winner of the marathon...26.2 miles in 2:25.  WHOA.  5:30 mile.

One of our friends from the building, Mary Leigh, came out to also cheer on the runners and her friend Stacy is one of the leaders in the women's division.  She ended up finishing 10th among the women.  Amazing!

Saturday afternoon I had a baby shower for one of Kevin's distant cousins down in Monroe.  It was nice!

That evening we went to the Bobcats game with Kevin's parents.  My company had some extra suite tickets where you get dinner too...very cool!    They played the Celtics and I think there were more Celtics fans than Bobcat fans.  Ugh!

The guy in the white jersey below is Derrick Brown.  He is one of our neighbors on the 26th floor of our building.  We see him in the elevator and he knows Kevin.  He is tall yall! 

On the way back, it was misting out so we walked through the buildings home and stopped for a picture in front of the Corporate Center tree....just for fun!

Yesterday, we just walked to the grocery store then layed low the rest of the day attempting to get better.  Ahhh! 

Happy Monday friends!