Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lil work trip and TB

Yesterday I had a work trip to Norfolk, VA again but connected through NYC.  Yeah don't ask - it was just much cheaper haha!  I always book the left side of the plane when I fly into Laguardia so I get a great view of the City!

I got up realllly early this morning and flew back to Charlotte.  Always good to be home and not in a hotel.

In other news, I had a negative opinion of the Revas (comfort wise) until my new black pair I got for my birthday.

They are the most comfortable shoes.  I LOVE them.  Maybe it was the material of the brown ones I have...who knows.  These are so fun and I wear them all the time.  I know these are too expensive but they are timeless and match everything for each season.

And don't you think every lil girl needs a pair too?  I personally think Anna Kate (my niece) and my mini cousins need these....specifically in NC State red!  ;)
Do you like your revas or are they uncomfortable?


  1. Hey there! I came across your blog through some common blogs we both love ... I saw your comments on one (I think it was Pink Sass) and as soon as I saw your picture knew it was you! I hear ya on the anonimity with work ... agreed 100%. :)

    I'm new to the blog world but having so much fun with it! Dang it's addicting, right?!

  2. VA thru NYC??? haha that's hilarious! Glad you had a safe trip!! I have to agree, I have never found revas to be super comfortable...but maybe its just the material of the pair I have?

  3. I've never owned a pair! I've heard so many mixed reviews, I just couldn't decide. It sounds like perhaps it depends on which pair you buy!

  4. I don't own any revas, but after reading everyone and their love for them, I want a pair! Maybe for Christmas?

    It cracks me up, some of the connections that airlines have! I was looking at flights from DC to NH for Christmas, and found one that went DC to Atlanta to Cleveland and then to NH! How does that make the littlest bit of sense!?

  5. I don't own a pair too. I'm not much for flats to be honest and everyone and their doggy has a pair.

  6. My girls and I all love our Revas. I have the black ones like you! I was lucky and got mine on sale. What a beautiful picture of the NYC skyline you got from the plane. Love & blessings from NC!