Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I won some gorgeous Lilly!

Yall....I never ever ever win anything!  But yesterday, I did!

Thank you to Hot Pink Dahlia!  I won Lilly Pulitzer Christmas Misletoe Christmas Cards, Photo Cards, and Photo Frames which are ornaments.  How presch is that?!!!!

I cannot wait for them to arrive!  Thanks SO much girl!

Now go visit and tell her hello!  ;)


  1. Look who I found! :) Great to see you in the blog world, I'm a newcomer & soon-to-be follower of yours as soon as I'm done commenting here. Congrats on such a fun Lilly win!

  2. What a happy way to start your day and celebrate the holidays!


  3. Thanks so much for posting about what you won! It was mailed out today..you should receive by the weekend :) I am so excited you won! :)