Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Decorating

Thought it would be fun to show you some of my home while it was decorated for Christmas.  Of course Mom helped me when they were here for Thanksgiving.

Love the boxwood wreath.  I decided to do it for something different this year! 

This is the table in my entrance foyer area.  As yall know, I live in a small condo so I only have a few rooms!

I love the silver candle holders and pewter wine holder.  In the center is something my friend Beth gave me.  It is a glass hurricane with different ornaments in it.  A couple favorite ones are the Lilly one my friend Kelly gave me and a Chi Omega one that I got.  Mom gave me the table runner this year and I think it is so classy.

I got some fresh greens and decorated with little arrangements...

This is the left side of my bookcase.

 The right side of my bookcase.  Lil Anna Kate is in her Christmas outfit on the left!

On the top of my bookshelf/entertainment center, I always put fresh magnolia with some berries.  Also is a little snowman on the right side.  This isn't the best picture!

A couple years ago when my home was on the Holiday Home Tour, my friend Lauren gave me this Habersham candle.  I just love pulling it out every year....the scent is just amazing and smells so Christmasy!

This is another favorite Christmas decoration.  My Mom made this little tree and all of the ornaments for it.  It also lights up (should have turned it on for this picture).  Since I have such a small place, this is my Christmas tree!  ;)  The poinsettia came from the Avenue Holiday Party - they let us take some of the decorations!

This is anther little arrangement on an end table and a cute reindeer my friend Suz gave me!

Okay and I have another favorite haha!  Mr. and Mrs. Claus!  Mom gave me Mr. the year my home was on the Home Tour.  She gave me Mrs. this year to add to it.  Aren't they just gorgeous?! 
I've had this gold tree for awhile but below it are the White House Christmas ornaments for every year dating back to 2002.  I love that Santa brings me one each year.  What a nice collection piece to have!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks super cute!

    I've done a bit of decorating, but not too much, bc I just moved at the beginning of the month, so there are still unpacked boxes and things!

  2. I have tons of White House ornaments too. They're my fav. My MIL gave me one last year with the wedding scene on it(can't remember which President's daughter)but I keep that one on display with an ornament holder. The rest hang on my tree :)

  3. This is why I love the holidays... all the fun decorations!! Great job girl!

  4. Looks great B! Thanks again for stopping by Thursday. Good to see you as always! Check my blog later this weekend for a post re the awesome ornament!

  5. adorable! i can't wait until i can decorate my own place!

  6. Everything looks beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Your decorations are adorable!!