Friday, December 10, 2010

Avenue Holiday Party

**Edited to add - I didn't want to forget a funny thing Kevin said to me last night - "you serving sushi tonight?"  He was making fun of my dress.  Rude!  ;)

Last night we had the Avenue Holiday Party.  As always, we had a great time....okay maybe too good of a time!

Neighbors, neighbors and more neighbors...Kylie, Sally, Me, D

We love them!  We really know a majority of the folks in our building and it is really cool seeing your friends in the elevator every day!

Justin and Kylie are below with Kevin and I.  Above are Lizzy and Kevin with my Kevin and I!

And of course Miss Brooklyn was in her party dress!
 Momma (Wendy) and Brooklyn.

Good times and recovering today!  :)

Happy Friday!


  1. nice! I work in the building next to the Avenue and look our at your pool everyday! ;) Shenanigans going on up in that place sometimes ;)

  2. How fun!!! Looks like you guys had a great time!! Your dress is gorgeous btw! :)

  3. You all look great! love the party dress too