Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting into the spirit

Last night was the annual tree lighting of the Charlotte Christmas tree in uptown.  I always try to take advantage of living a block away from the action so I went to check it out.  Couldn't exactly convince Kevin to come out there with me...he was a good sport last year so I'll let him slide this time!  ;)

The lighting ceremony hadn't really started and it didn't look like much was going on except across the street when all of the ACC mascots were running around.  Had to have my picture taken with Mr. Wuf!
 I didn't care about the rest of them!  ;)

I walked back home and Kev and I went to dinner at Mollys.  Afterward he agreed to go check out the Leonard Bearstein bears at the Bank of America Corporate Center like we did last year

They sing lots of Christmas songs and move around while they do it.  It really is pretty cool!
Lots of children were there dancing and singing.  It was adorable.  We lasted about 15 minutes and headed back.
The above picture are the longggg strands of lights hanging down in the Corporate Center.  Pretty!

And check out this cute lil queen!  Yall probably recognize her - my niece/cousin/goddaughter - Amelia!!

She has grown right up, hasn't she?!!  Adorable!

What are your Christmas traditions you do every year to get in the spirit?


  1. Such fun! Love town christmas events to put you in the holiday spirit! The lights in the Corporate Center look beautifullllllll!!!!

  2. Looks fun! We had our town Christmas tree lighting and open houses last night. It was beautiful!

  3. aw she is so cute! house tours are a great way to get in the christmas spirit! xoxox