Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fisherman's Inn

On our way back from Baltimore last Wednesday, Mom, Dad and I stopped at Fisherman's Inn in Kent Narrows, Maryland. 

You know you're in Maryland when old bay is a common seasoning with salt and pepper!

Nothing better than cream of crab soup and a side salad.  YUM!

Usually we stop at The Narrows, another restaurant but evidently my parents have been stopping here too.

Of course it is on the water with gorgeous views.

I love spots like this!  When I'm traveling for work, I always ask for recommendations on what is the local hot spot!  Do you?  What is your favorite hole in the wall restaurant?


  1. YUM. This makes me crave some Maryland Crab cakes!

  2. yum! i love crab dip when i'm in md! and of course old bay! it just reminds me of college!

    i can't wait to try some interesting food when i'm in europe!