Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing in Dirt and Angel Tree

Yesterday, work got in my way again of blogging!!!

Anyway, I had to run down to Columbia, South Carolina to check on a site that we are building a retail store on now. 

Yall probably wouldn't think I go 'play in dirt' as I call it!  My Dad has always called me an engineer that plays in dirt, not a civil engineer!  Ha!

It is pretty funny driving onto one of these sites with my cowboy boots and pearl earrings!  :)

On Tuesday night, Kevin and I went to Target so I could get a baby shower gift for this Saturday and for my Angel I adopted through the Salvation Army.  She's a 13 year old girl named Elizabeth.

Her two wishes were for the Cooking Mama game for her DS (which I got her)....

And for Converse shoes.  I wanted to get her pink ones but I figured these would go with more and wouldn't get dirty.  Are these popular for kids right now?  There was a whole section of them at Target!

I also got her a lil outfit she can wear with her shoes that is pretty basic - jeans and a long sleeve teal tee.

I really enjoyed going to shop for her and it was the best Christmas money I've spent.  You know, I love buying gifts for all my friends and family but I'd SO much rather spend money on someone that really needs it.

How are you giving back this year? 


  1. I volunteer with the USO at the airport every other week so that's my contribution ;)

  2. I'm giving back by taking the money that we would spend on each other and giving it to those who have far much less. I'm also volunteering at a food drive to make Christmas Baskets for those who don't have money for food.

  3. I went shopping for my Angels last night. Don't you just LOVE doing that at Christmas :)

  4. I donated a few toys for a local charity that is collecting for children, and also a few gently used coats that I no longer like were donated, along with a few grocery bags of food for a local food pantry.

    And I'd totally be the same on a construction site in my riding boots and pearls!

  5. We made a contribution to feed the homeless of the city. Other than that we typically donate to any worthy cause that is asking for money in the public ie: salvation army or the people who ask you would you like to donate an extra dollar today.

    Ps. Jack loves that little blue and brown blanket and monkey you bought him. He sleeps with it every night. When he goes to bed he puts it on his head and he's always rubbing his face with it or playing with it. Who woulda knew. Haha so funny. Thanks :)