Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Tour and Tiffany's Birthday

Kevin and I volunteered on Friday night for the Holiday Home Tour.  Yall may remember we did this last year too and in 2008, my home was on the tour. 

Basically it is the 4th Ward of downtown Charlotte and they put about 6-8 homes on the tour each year.  About 1500 folks tour through over three days.  My friends Emily and Tara came through so we got a picture on the balcony of the high rise condo building where Kevin and I volunteered!

Me, Emily, Tara

Kevin and I.  Of course Blogger won't put the picture in correctly.

On Saturday we went to look at some homes with another couple.  They are interested in buying a new home and Kevin is playing real estate agent for them.

I had never been house hunting before so it was fun to do!

On Saturday night, we had Tiffany's 30th birthday party.  She lives in the Avenue and her family threw her a party!  Here are some of our Ave friends!
Yesterday I had sorority stuff up at UNC Charlotte all afternoon then I ran a couple errands on my way home.  Kevin hasn't been feeling the best so he lounged most of the day.

Last night I mentioned we should get a puzzle out to mess around with in the evenings.  Suprisingly, Kevin was interested so we ended up staying up way too late and got more than half of a 550 puzzle done.  We'll probably finish it this week!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  It is a chilly Monday here in Charlotte!


  1. I did a tour of homes this weekend in a much smaller NC town. It was beautiful though with all the 1900 homes. I will be posting pictures later this week.

  2. I love puzzles...sounds like a lot of fun!!! Is it a lot of work decorating your house to be on a house tour?

  3. Looks like you had a lovely weekend my friend!! The home tours sounds so much fun!