Monday, December 20, 2010

Jen's Birthday and Weekend

On Friday night, we went to Aria to celebrate Jen's birthday (which is Christmas Day).  We had so much fun!  Here she is with her BF Corey!

Fran and Jen.  Great friends!  I met Jen in school (we suffered through civil engineering together) and Fran worked with us at my old job....poor girl had to go to Clemson.

Fran and I with my Kev.

Jen, Corey, Kevin and I walked over to Dandelion.  This is front of the Christmas tree which is at the main square in Charlotte - Trade and Tryon.

We loved celebrating you Jen!

On Saturday morning we went to the Diner which just opened at the bottom of our building.  We ended up seeing several couples there that are our neighbors.

That evening Kevin and I headed down to Waxhaw to visit with his parents and brother/SIL.  Since I'm going to be out of town for when we all typically do Christmas, they wanted us to come down early.  We ate at a new place called Maxwell's Tavern in downtown Waxhaw.  It is such a cute downtown with all the white Christmas lights!

They gave me sooo many was too, too much!  An off white light blanket (which I cuddled up with all weekend), a pretty green scarf, mulling spices, Philosophy Candy Cane set and Kevin's Mom's Mom's stocking filled with things.  So sweet of them to think of me and include me as part of their fam.

All in all, a great weekend!


  1. Diner? Is that a new restaurant/bar? or just a bar?

  2. Sounds like you are having fun this holiday season. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Kevin is so cute!!! You two make a great looking couple. Merry Christmas! Love & blessings from NC!