Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dress Advice for a Wedding!

Hey ladies, I need your assistance!  :)  We're going to a wedding in Asheville this weekend and Kevin is the best man in it.  It is going to work a little different than the usual starts at 11:30am and then there is a luncheon afterwards....we're going out later that night to downtown.  Kevin's tux has the longer jacket (not tails per say) so I think he is going to be pretty dressy.  If he weren't wearing that, I'd probably wear a nice Lilly dress and be done with it.  But I feel like I should wear one of my dressier dresses to "match" him.  Maybe the navy dress that I wore about a month ago to Kelly's rehearsal dinner?.  It is the cotton cady from J. Crew so dressy but not over the top evening dress.  What do you all think?

Option A:
Or should I wear a silk taffeta one that is dressier?
Option B:
And the rehearsal dinner is at a quaint little restaurant that serves southern food.  Would yall just wear a sundress or something like that?  I was thinking this or something like it....
This weekend has me confused on what to wear!  I typically wear one of the J. Crew bridesmaids dresses and I'm done with it.  But this is more difficult!  Ha! 

Thank yall in advance!  :)


  1. I think since he's tux is pretty dressy, maybe the option 2. I think you'd be fine either way though. I think sundress for rehersal dinner would be fine. Have fun!

  2. I LOVE the second dress! Maybe with some fun shoes?

    PS. Where did you find it?!

  3. Completely agree with Suz and Lexilooo...the second dress! I realize the wedding is earlier in the day, which is what makes the attire a bit challenging...but since Kevin is in the wedding you two are "brial party" dressed so to speak.

    Definitely like the dress you posted for the rehearsal dinner. Sounds like a perfect thing to wear!

  4. I think you could still get away with a Lilly as long as it is one of the more formal ones. Some of the dressiest ones were from the jubilee collection and those are actually affordable now on eBay.

  5. Sounds like he might be wearing an ascot?

    Ok, I don't think I would wear navy taffeta for a morning/midday weddding & reception. My vote is for Option A or anything that is lighter colored especially since this is a summer wedding. You can always spruce it up w/ fun shoes/jewelry if you think the dress is too casual. I just think a dark taffeta looks more appropriate for evening weddings.

    As for the RD- sundress of any sort seems great.

    Just my two cents.... I think you need to post for us a portfolio of options a la 27 dresses!

  6. I love option b, but you could probably get away with the other as well. I think the sundress will be perfect for the rehearsal dinner.

    I am having the same dilemmas for all the weddings I have coming up. I have a J. Crew bridesmaid dress and just ordered another so I can wear those to weddings. It's hard to figure out just what to wear!

  7. I would say A - it is a morning wedding so it isn't as formal.
    and a sundress is fine for the rehearsal.

    have fun in asheville! i really want to go back!

  8. I love the second dress! I will be in Asheville this weekend, too! Just finished packing and am about to put the bags in the car. I hope you have a great weekend. xo xo

  9. I say the second dress! High noon weddings are traditionally formal & 11:30 is pretty close to high noon! Do you know what the bridesmaids are wearing? You could base your decision off that.