Friday, May 21, 2010

Brooklyn Alexis

Thank yall for your advice yesterday - much appreciated!  I'm taking multiple options and I'm going to talk to some of the other girls tonight to see what they are wearing and I'll decide from there.  It always helps to get yall's advice since you are fashionistas!  ;)

I have told yall many times about my friend Wendy who was pregnant.  Well this is a late post but meet Brooklyn Alexis!  She was born on April 25th at 6 pounds and is absolutely prescious.
Last night we walked to an uptown pizza place, Villa Francesca and had pizza with she and her parents!  We had so much fun and Brooklyn was an angel!  :)  I got to push her all the way back to our condo building - it was cool!

Today we are off to Asheville, NC for the wedding.  I'm hopefully going to sneak a trip to the J. Crew clearance store on Sunday but Kevin doesn't know that yet ;).  Ha!  Yall have a fab weekend!


  1. While I'd love to see you at your wedding, we're going down for my husband's great aunt's funeral. His family is coming up from Athens and in true southern family style, they are viewing this 'celebration of life' as a chance for a spur of the moment family reunion. ;-) We're staying downtown (I think) and I hope I have enough free time tomorrow to check out the Biltmore. Hope you have a lovely time!

  2. Have a great time at J Crew! I hope you find some cute things!

  3. Thanks for visiting. Yes, the Belk store in Charlotte probably has more Lilly stuff than our local Lilly store, plus they have great sales. Lauren wanted us to meet Kathryn and she was so sweet and so helpful. I can see why Lauren likes to shop there with Kathryn. Can't wait to wear my new stuff. Hope you enjoyed your wedding in Asheville. Love & blessings from NC!