Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sonoma and Candle Wine Cork Creation

Last night I went to Sonoma for a little Avenue event they had set up for us. It was $15 for all you can drink and eat appetizers. I had a couple glasses of chardonnay and they had hummus, calamari, sliders, egg rolls and a few other things. It was fun and an added bonus was that it is only a block from my condo!

As a continuation from yesterdays post, I wanted to show you something else I added. Mom had given me this hurricane awhile back and I've had it filled with lemon and limes and also full of wine corks. When I was at Pier One a couple weeks ago, they had an amazing smelling candle "pink honeysuckle" and since it was 25% off and I had a gift card, I figured I would give it a try. It smells so good! I kept some of the wine corks in there for an added little touch.
Yes, it is sitting on my subwoofer because I have nowhere else to put that big ole black box. You'll also notice a concrete column in the back. Our condos have exposed concrete ceilings and columns in each unit. It is part of the "uptown, urban" look. It's not really for me but it kinda fits for most folks that are into the really contemporary. Mom and I have made it work with my decorations! You know, oriental rug and concrete ceilings...gotta love it. ;)


  1. Ooooh, fun idea with the wine corks! I love it, and may borrow the idea sometime :)

    Also, pink honeysuckle? Um, yum! I LOVE honeysuckle!

  2. That looks awesome! I love hurricane lanterns and the magazine it is sitting on. xoxo

  3. Hi! So glad we have crossed paths! That candle sounds wonderful and I love how you have it displayed! Hope your having a wonderful week! xoxo