Friday, April 30, 2010

Atlanta - Visit with Laura, Carl and Amelia!

So last Sunday Kevin and I drove from Raleigh (we were there for the wedding) to Charlotte to drop a car off (long story but we drove separately) then drove down to Atlanta.  He has been in Atlanta for the past 4 weeks (one more to go) for training for his new job.  Yes, that's another post for another day!  We got to Atlanta in time to see my niece and godchild, Amelia and her parents (my cousins) Laura and Carl.

Amelia has grown right up and is such a little girl now!  We had fun meeting them at Figo - I casual italian restaurant near their house. 
Seriously, look how perfect she is!  The curls in her hair are soooooo cute!
We got ice cream after dinner (like we needed it - ha!) and just caught up and enjoyed the Sunday evening.
Family portrait!!
Thank you Carl and Laura for such a great visit.  We love seeing you guys.  Wish we weren't 4 hours apart!

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