Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wal-Mart vs. Harris Teeter

Let me start off by saying how much I love Harris Teeter (our local supermarket). They always are super nice in any store you go in, they always have fresh, non-expired food and drink, and is always clean. We shop there every Sunday, coupons in hand because they double all manufacturer coupons.

But let me tell yall - we went to Wal-Mart last week, spent an hour and got everything SO much cheaper. Not just a few pennies cheaper, like half price. WHOA! I need to get with the program, at least every other week!
Shopping at Wal-Mart does come with a price to pay - it is dirty, Kevin forbids me to go there alone (especially at night), I don't buy produce or meat there (so I still have to go to the Teeter), and it takes forever to check out beacuse speed is not their number one task. But I can deal with all that for half the price!
Do you shop at Wal-Mart? Have you seen your bill dramatically decrease?


  1. When we lived in NC, I shopped at the Teeter. You can save at Walmart, but sometimes things were still cheaper at Target or HT. I think all stores have good sales. I think that if you & hubby can go tog, you should go. But otherwise, stick to what you know & be safer! :)

  2. I can see you now- shopping the aisles of Walmart in Lily, Yurman, Jack Rodgers with a Kate Spade handbag... I LOVE IT! I do agree- it is much cheaper to stock up on staples at WM than the Teeter. I probably go once a month. We should go together. Do you ever go to Trader Joes? They have awesome deals too!

  3. the (super) walmart near me is pretty clean- and has an AMAZING produce section. however, I've been to a few sketchy ones I'd be okay with never seeing again.

  4. i 100% feel the same way you do. i love my harris teeter. Love how nice everyone is and how clean and bright it is in there. but I has MUCH cheaper prices on things like cereal and stuff. I try to get that stuff as walmart but all my produce and meat at the "teet" as well refer to it. :o) but lately i walk into walmart, find the things i need and then look at the lines and say forget it. I've done it twice now in a row. so as much as I know things are cheaper, I just can't seem to bring myself to stand in line at that place...i'm a picky shopper.

  5. we don't have harris teeter up north. but i went a lot last summer in nova. but the walmart's by me aren't super ones, so they don't have full grocery stores, but i do get a few staples at walmart in the regular ones, because they are sooo much cheaper on a few things! but i go to my regular grocery store.

  6. I LOL'd when I read this on reader at work. Oh B!!! Welcome to the walmart club. Yes, its kinda sh!tty, but cheap is good! I agree with PP, with coupons & sales HT & Lowes Food can be cheaper. But for staples & basics, Walmart & Food Dog are definitely cheaper. You know me, I love a good deal, but I only buy meats at Trader Joes, HT or Lowes. :)