Friday, March 5, 2010

Owning A Home and an Eye Opening Experience

This morning at about 1am, I was reminded of why I live in a 800 square foot condo instead of a real house.

It was freezing in my place! I got up to turn the heat up and looked at the thermostat and nothing was on the screen. I pressed the temperature buttons, nothing happened. Oh boy....I is my first experience of something breaking and I actually have to PAY to fix it. AHH. I checked the circuit breaker, it was fine. I tried to pull the cover off at my Dad's suggestion, couldn't get it to come off.

Got to work and mentioned it to a couple of the guys. They said we could go there during lunch and they would check it out. So nice of them. Let's hope it is something minor like flipping a switch so I don't have to pay for someone to come out!
On another note, we went out to a bar called Phil's last night with some of Kevin's old work friends. One of the girls is a teacher and was about to leave so she could go grade papers. I said, "girl, pull those papers out, let's knock them out together." So we sat in the bar, grading vocabulary papers. We probably each did 100 or 150. It took awhile but I thought it was so fun (maybe it was because my mom was a teacher for so long?).

But let me tell yall - she works at an elementary school in a crummy part of uptown Charlotte where poverty is way too common. It was SO sad how poorly these students did. Out of 150 papers, I'd say about 10 got A's, maybe 15. I asked her why it was like this and she told me that most of her students don't have parents or families around to help them. They come to school to eat (because that's the only place they can get food) and they try to do school work. Some are in foster care and their parents are in jail. Can you imagine? It just made me feel so lucky to have had awesome parents and a home to go to each night. This was one of those eye opening experiences that just shocked me. I wish I had more of these because it truly shows us how blessed we are.

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