Friday, March 26, 2010

Lilly Dress

I got the strapless version of this "Sidra Blue Icing" Lilly Pulitzer dress yesterday at Belk (they have a HUGE Lilly section in this Belk flagship store) because I thought it would be super cute for a wedding or rehearsal dinner this spring/summer and it was on sale! But I would rather the one below because I think it is more flattering on (they had a smaller size that I slipped on). SO, I'm on the hunt for this dress at a good deal. Does anyone know any Lilly shops that have this on sale? Does anyone have any big plans for this weekend? Carolina Cup is tomorrow but I'm not going this year off since the Charleston bridge run is the same weekend (my friend Lauren who typically organizes our Carolina Cup bus is running that). Yall have fun if you're heading down that way!

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