Monday, March 29, 2010

Crowder's Mountain

Neither of us had ever hiked Crowder's Mountain before so we did that this weekend. It was really fun. I'm definitely not the outdoors type despite many years of girl scouts but we had a good lil workout cut out for us. We did the "strenuous" trail called Rocktop which, yes, was full of climbing up rocks. I kept wanting to get on top of the rocks in the below picture and it made Kevin soooo nervous. He kept telling me to get down. Ha!
This is from the same spot - you can see uptown Charlotte. Our building is the second from left!
One more, just for good measure! Kevin had a good time too I think. He is good at all the outdoor stuff (minus the directions, right?! ;)). He knows all that boy scout ish in case we got lost. We met a bunch of folks on the way up and back. It was fun and the perfect day for it!
Hope yall enjoyed your weekend!

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