Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Who watched The Bachelor last night? What is wrong with that man?! Did he not see it in his parents eyes? I guess we can't fault him if he didn't feel like that spark is there, but ahhh! It was frustrating to watch!

On the other hand....I'm SO glad Ali is the next bachelorette. She seems classy and I bet she'll be fun to watch. May 24th - hurry up and get here!!!
Have yall ever won anything on a radio station? Well I was driving up to Virginia last week and was listening to 96.9 The Kat and I heard them say the next time a Darius Rucker song came on, to be caller 24. I kept calling, busy signal, busy signal. Then it rang. It rang and rang and rang for probably over a minute. Then they picked up. I was caller 24. OMG!

I won tickets to The Concert for Hope which benefits the St. Jude Hospital! It stars Darius Rucker, Kellie Pickler, Rodney Atkins, LeeAnn Womack and Jason Michael Carroll. SO cool. Anyway, the concert is tonight and I'm super excited! One of my bestests from college also got tickets with her husband so we get to go together! Should be an awesome concert!

I know, The Bachelor to country music to Vineyard Vines. Random! I saw this dress in their new catalog and I think it is super cute. But have yall ever tried their dresses on? I tried one on last year and it fits so weird - tight in the legs and huge up top! The girls in the store said they have heard that from a lot of people. Have yall had the same problem? Maybe they have fixed this issue for their new line of dresses?


  1. I know! I had read spoilers of his choice, but I kept hoping they were wrong somehow! I think Ali will be fun though. I didn't hear them say it is in May!

  2. You didn't tell me about the concert~ Congrats! Hope ya'll are having a great time!

  3. FREE TICKETS to Darius Rucker AND Kellie Pickler?! Girl, I am green with envy! Kellie is a hoot. I like to think that she and I would be the best of friends. I hope you have the very best time tonight!

    I'm so glad Ali is the new Bachelorette. She's so fun, I think it'll be a great season.

    Also, I'm loving that VV dress. Let us know about the fit. I've actually never tried their stuff on. Sorry I can't help you out.