Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tulips and Trader Joe's

Don't you just LOVE tulips? They are a sign that spring is almost here and they brighten up any room. They are my favorite.
We went over to Trader Joe's last weekend to pick up some things and they had almost an entire wall of just tulips. I was in heaven and couldn't decide which color to get! Maybe this weekend I will get some more. They are $4.99 so not too bad!

I love Trader Joe's and I'm not all about eating organic stuff and living the "green" life. Don't get me wrong, that stuff must be great, I'm just not into it. But I still love Trader Joe's. They have good deals on so many things - their produce, fruits, cheeses, wine, flowers. It is hard not to find something you want. It is one of those places you go in for two things and walk out with ten. Their marketing people are super smart too because they make it fun to shop there and read all the labels for everything. Oh, what us as consumers fall for!!

So what is your favorite spring flower?!


  1. I totally agree on TJ's! They have the best things there. I'm planning to stop there tomorrow on my way home from work :)

    I love tulips and dafodils!

  2. Great your blue and white lamp in the background! xx

  3. I loooooove cherry blossoms. Tulips are up there on my love list too!