Monday, March 22, 2010

Avenue hang out and Bridal Shower

Kevin and I had a hot date on Friday night! We made appetizer rounds in uptown Charlotte - first Flemings then Chima. Both have really good and cheap happy hours so we visited both!
Then Avenue had set up an "Avenue Epicentre night." For my new followers - Kevin and I both live (separately!) in a high rise condo building called Avenue (and yes, it is how we met!). Epicentre is a large complex two blocks away that has restaurants, bars, movie theatre, bowling alley....all that good stuff. Avenue set up a VIP thing for us over there at one of the bars. We had our own little area in the bar which was nice. Of course I had to organize a picture of the whole group of neighbors!
My friends Meg and Jen. They are presch!
This is a couple who we've known from the building but just not real well. They are so sweet! Let me tell yall - she and I have the same first and middle names and Kevin and he have the same first and middle names. How weird is that?!!!
I'll save the other pictures for a day when I need to make fun of Kevin. ;)

Saturday afternoon I drove up to Winston-Salem for a bridal shower for Kelly (2nd from right with ruffle shirt). It was such a gorgeous shower at one of the other bridesmaid's houses. Her house was so pretty. It was older and has so much character. I love houses like that. Anyway, Kelly really racked up again! Her wedding is getting so close!!! Only 4 weeks away!

PS - thanks for yall's help on the jeans thing. I'm going to check out your suggestions this week!

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