Thursday, March 4, 2010

Concert for Hope

I really don't want to make anyone jealous but the concert that I talked about on Tuesday was SO awesome! :) Darius was amazing, Rodney was so country (he talked about shooting deer and letting his little boy have some of the meat), Kellie was hilarious and Jason Michael was great. Darius sung a few of his songs from Learn to Live and also broke out some Hootie!
Rodney Atkins... Kev, me, Kim, Jeff
At the beginning of the concert, which benefitted St. Jude's Hospital, they had a little girl come out that had been treated and cured there. It was very touching.

Then all the singers came out with one of their guitar players and all sat on stage the entire time. From left to right, Rodney, Darius, Kellie, Jason Michael. This picture shoes Rodney and Darius (2nd from right).
They were all up there drinking coronas, taking some tequila shots and having a big time. It was good to see them relaxed and enjoying some down time. In this picture, you can see Kellie in the middle and Jason Michael on the far right.
We were so happy to get tickets to this good cause! Over $200,000 was raised for St. Jude's!

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  1. that looks like soooo much fun! i absolutely love darius! and even awesomer that they were able to raise so much!