Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Engineering at the Bar

On Friday night we went to Dandelion Market which is at the bottom of our building. It's a pretty cool spot with good beer, no cover, decent music and normal people. One of those neighborhood places, you know what I mean. Upstairs, they have this huge picnic table, I'd say it is at least 12'-15' long. It's massive and is in the middle of the whole room. We've been there numerous times before and they have never removed it after the dinner crowd, even when it is crowded. Well on Friday, they did. And it was SO cool. I took lots of pictures on my phone of the process but here is the gist (because let's be honest, you don't care as much as my Dad and I do). We are the engineering geeks around here!

Here they are attaching the cables to the table (they have already put the benches up on the table): And here it is as they use a pulley system to hoist it into the ceiling.
How cool is that?! Maybe you had to be there. Ha! Sorry, just thought I'd be a dork and share!

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