Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patty's and Birthdays

We had a fun weekend! Friday we hung around the house and played cards and watched TV. Saturday we got up and went downstairs to watch the St. Patty's Day parade then I went to a baby shower for Wendy with a friend from our building.
Late afternoon, I met up with Kevin and friends for the 10th annual pub crawl (which is the largest in the world). We didn't actually register but we of course had to visit Stool Pigeons, our stomping ground. Then we went out to Rob's birthday party which is a couple miles from uptown. Lindsey and Rob hosted the party at their cute home (and yes Rob had received the work out headband for his bday - ha)! Here they are...

The hostest with the mostess pouring the most amazing sweet tart shots. YUM! Thanks Linds!
Ha, this picture cracks me up! Someone was either slightly drinky or was trying to be creative. The high school guys - Brad, Dan, Rob, Joe, Kev
After Rob and Lindsey's, we had to go to another birthday party in the Dilworth area for one of Kevin's old work buddies. We rolled in there about midnight via cab! They thought we were crazy but we were glad to make it.
We ended up back at Stool Pigeons at about 1:30am (which we shouldn't have done) and saw Ash!
Joe (Kevin's bro), me, Kevin, Ash:
Needless to say, yesterday we recovered. Went out and ran a couple errands but mostly layed low. Hope yall had a fun weekend. Ugh, now it's Monday!

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