Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthdays and Bridal Shower

Friday night, Kimmy (I've called her this for almost 10 years) and I had planned a mini double date for our boys. We had pizza at my house and then were supposed to be going to Victory Lane which are fast go-karts. We ended up going bowling instead and had a great time despite being exhausted from the week! Ha! We were yawning in between strikes! ;) Jeff's birthday was on Saturday so he had an extra special time with the pitchers of beer being served!!!
They both got up and ran a 5k the next morning - good job you guys!

Saturday afternoon, I went to Courtney's bridal shower. It was gorgeous! I bet there were almost 40 ladies there. Courtney was one of my sorority sisters at school and I swear, she has the most friends of anyone I know - what a compliment to have that many friends - means you're a pretty special person!
Saturday night we had another birthday party at Avenue. We celebrated Mike's "tres dos" birthday. His fiance had made him a shirt with tres dos on the back. Of course we ended up at Stoolies for the end of the night. Kevin's brother came into town from Waxhaw while Britney was in Atlanta for her sister's bachelorette party! We missed her!
Sunday, Kevin and I cooked breakfast then I taught him how to play lacrosse. We only played catch but he picked it up so easily. Then we went on a long walk and came back to grill some dinner and get ready for the week.
Happy Monday friends!

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