Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

Yes, I know, this is post #3 today...I find it is easiest to do separate posts for each topic! Sorry if it is annoying! ;)

Anyway, we had a fun Valentine's Day. My favorite ever. We watched the Olympics yesterday morning and made breakfast - eggs and heart shaped sausage patties. Then we went for a long walk and took our baseball gloves to throw in a park just outside of uptown - something different and fun! We got back and walked to Harris Teeter for our weekly groceries.

When we returned we got ready to go out to dinner. He came back up to my place and I put together this goat cheese recipe from the Pioneer Woman. I didn't put enough dill on the half so I learned to do that for next time. He opened up a bottle of wine we got when he took me on my first winery tour last May to Chateau Morrisette. We had been saving it for a special occasion!
Then we opened gifts from each other. Murfee scarf!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!
I had already given him personalized stationary on Friday so he could use it for his birthday thank you notes. I got him this 4x6 frame from Pottery Barn just so he would have something to open on Valentines.
Then we walked to dinner. This is at Trade and Tryon in uptown Charlotte.
Annnnd....we ended up at Flemings again - for the second time in 5 days! Ha! It shows just how much we think alike. He had mentioned going to Flemings for his birthday awhile back so his dad said to make reservations. As you all know, we went there last Wednesday. Well Kevin had made V-day reservations there at the beginning of January. Ahh! So evidently I spoiled the surprise! We had a great time and of course it was tasty, as always!
I know, I know, picture overload of Kevin and I....but the main reason I started this blog was to "scrapbook" and "journal" what we do day to day. Now, it obviously has grown into way more than that, thanks to all my blog friends and real life friends which I'm super excited about! ;)
After dinner, we wanted to get a drink somewhere we hadn't been before. We headed over to Enso which is in the same area as Flemings to grab a glass of wine. Enso is a sushi place but they have a pretty cool bar. I'm not sure we would go back, it wasn't exactly our style (is a nice way to put it), but we had fun trying somewhere new.
We went home and had some more leftover birthday cake! :)
Hope yall had a fantastic Valentine's Day. I must admit - this was my first real Valentine's Day with a real Valentine (other than my Dad)!!!


  1. What a great day! Perfect gifts, good food and good company. Glad it was wonderful!

  2. So nice! My boyfriend and I are really into visiting wineries and trying new wines, and Chateau Morrisette is one of our favorites! We haven't actually been to the winery (it's about a five hour drive from DC!), but have had their wines on several occasions. We plan to go down there for a weekend once it gets warmer!