Monday, February 15, 2010

Bridal Shower and Icy Roads

Yall, nothing gets between me and a bridal shower. Especially one for my best friend (I'm her maid of honor) and one that I'm helping to host. But on Saturday morning in 18 degree weather, the icy roads did. I was LIVID. So I left at 7:15am to get to Raleigh by 10am. Plenty of time. Mecklenburg County roads were fine, but I get about 20 miles north of Charlotte and it was like they didn't plow or salt the roads from our 3" of snow on Friday night. I-85 was a sheet of ice. I slid all over the place. I saw probably 10 cars in the ditch. I was freaking out.
So I stopped at the next exit and got under the gas station canopy so I was assured I wouldn't get stuck. Of course I called Dad because he knows everything (in my opinion). He was basically like - absolutely not, you will not drive further. I said, "Yeah, I'm worried about my car." He said, "I'm worried about your life more than your car!" Oh yes, that too. Ha! Anyway, I called the Bride and the Matron of Honor. It just didn't make sense to keep going. I wouldn't make it in time by driving 25 mph for another 60 miles until I got to I-40. I knew 40 was okay because of other girls that had already driven it.
When I got back on the road to drive South back to Charlotte, I saw the below. This didn't include the 6 car accident or the tanker truck in the median facing the opposite direction.
I am SOO sad I missed the shower but it was the right decision. I got home and saw there had been over 300 accidents over night and that morning in the Charlotte area...I shouldn't have even tried to go. If the shower had been later that day and the ice had time to melt, it would have been fine, but it wasn't, so nothing I can do about it now.
Got to see lots of fun pictures and the bride had a great time. I missed yall but am very excited for the bachelorette party in Ft. Lauderdale in two weeks! :)

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  1. wow, that is pretty crazy. at least you'll be able to go to the bachelorette party!

    i went to washington college in chestertown.