Monday, May 1, 2023

Parties Galore

Can yall believe it's May 1st? I'm trying to be sure I have my ducks in a row for ALL of the things in the month of May and early December. I definitely need to make a list of what I haven't done yet. Also, I need to figure out what to get Grady for his 5th birthday. I have nothing and his birthday is in 8 days. This is very unlike me!


We had parties ALL weekend and it was so much fun.

First up was Thomas' 6th at Big Air. Grady was STOKED to get to go to Big Air. Kevin took Molly Anne to see the Mario movie and to dinner at Moe's so it was a divide and conquer evening. 

Saturday morning was our neighborhood yard sale and we always try to get rid of some stuff during that. We ended up making about $140 so it was worthwhile for sure. 

Grady gave Mills lots of TLC. Well, we all did this weekend. We didn't get some great news on him on Friday but we'll know more mid week. He goes for more x rays today. Probably surgery for an open cyst on Thursday. It's just so much but he's still so so happy!

Grady had teeball midday on Saturday. His team played great!

The sisters of teeball. Molly Anne and Leah Caroline were in the 3's class years ago together!

A little boy that loves baseball!

Kevin took Molly Anne to Greer's 7th birthday party at Impact One. Grady and I stopped by on our way to a party for his friends at Spare Time. 

Greer's was themed 70's for turning 7!

Spare Time in Pineville was great for Lily and Cassidy's party. On our way out, one of Grady's friends was crying that he didn't get something from the arcade and Grady said, "well Owen you can have my big bouncy ball" and he gave it to him. It was honestly a teary moment for me because I didn't prompt him to do that...he did it on his own. I'm just so proud of him. He has such a sweet heart. He has grown up so much over the last 3 months. 

We zipped home and got ready for a Tequila and Bourbon Party at my friend Kelly's house. It was FUN!

Boys and their bourbon were outside. 

My dress was so comfortable and I'm glad I got it. 

This is what we did on a rainy Sunday morning. Watched cartoons, took naps and hung out. We eventually went to a late lunch at Five was so good. We never go there but when we do, we love it. 

We loved on our puppy. He got a bath, we walked, Kevin took the kids to the basketball court and playground. It was just a good easy Sunday.

Back to the grind. Here's to a good week for everyone!

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  1. SO MANY PARTIES!! May is crazy - glad we aren't the only family running in a zillion directions!! Hang in there and sending all the best thoughts for Mills!!