Monday, October 31, 2022

Pumpkin Things

It was a good weekend. We had some things going on but nothing too wild!

Friday afternoon, my office hosted a trick or treat for all of the employee's kiddos and families. It was so much fun and hopefully the first annual!

Saturday morning Kevin took Grady to breakfast while I took Molly Anne to swim and to a new bagel shop for breakfast. One on one time is good for all! It's kind of Kevin's thing to take one of them to breakfast on the weekends and I think it's a great idea. 

Saturday evening we took both kids to look for a new mattress. Ever since Molly Anne got her new bed, we've been doing a little mattress change around in our house. Moral of the story, we needed a new king mattress and we found one at the local Mattress Firm in about 10 minutes. Kevin and I pretty much aren't too picky and can figure that stuff out pretty quickly. 

Then we headed to Kabuto for a little Japanese Steakhouse action. Grady didn't really remember going a couple of years ago and he loved it last night. Actually they both did. We used to take Molly Anne all of the time when she was little but we hadn't been in forever. 

Then we stopped by Simpsons to get a big pumpkin to carve. We had a bunch of smaller ones but needed one big one!

On Sunday I made a quiche for dinner on Monday night, we carved a pumpkin and we went to our neighborhood Halloween party. 

Grady and Neyland 

Molly Anne and Ella got to lead the parade!

There were the cutest crafts, tons of prizes and lots of dancing with DJ Ally! Always so fun for the children!

Back to the grind but first, Happy Halloween!

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