Friday, October 14, 2022

Five on Friday - Another Week

Whew what a week. I’m so glad it’s Friday. 

I’ve decided I need to write a novel of travel stories of my 15+ years of traveling for work. Yesterday I went to Pittsburgh for a few hours and literally it was the worst turbulence coming into the airport. This was after circling for about 20 minutes because the airport was closed due to weather. People were grabbing seats, the ladies in my row were very nervous. It wasn’t fun. I’ve been in turbulence before but this time I was worried!

Gosh but all of the other stories. I should start writing them down as I remember them then publish a post sometime. 


1. Pumpkin buckets from dollar tree. Using these for Grady’s class and asking each child to bring in 16 non candy items to share and put in everyone’s bucket. I also wrote their names on the buckets. The kids love this! PS - dollar tree isn’t dollar tree anymore. It’s dollar and a quarter tree! 

2. We passed by this yesterday in north Pittsburgh so ran in, did a loop and got back on the road! It was soooo cute!

3. Construction site. Building an oil change. Very rainy and muddy yesterday! Came to see this, meet the project manager then cruise back to Charlotte. 

4. Molly Anne has been the star student in her class all week. She has gotten to take two items to share with the class every day this week. Today I get to go in and share what I do for work. Kevin helped me figure out a cute way to show them that I help build buildings. We are using kinetic sand, stone and magnatiles! Fun right?! Also taking her classmates some of my company fidget spinners and slap koozies. I think they’ll love it all. Hope so at least!

5. Got these jeans in the mail and I’m obsessed. They run one size big. Here’s the sweater. Shoes

Chat soon everyone! Happy mid October weekend!

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