Thursday, October 6, 2022

Anthro and JCrew

While I was in Baltimore this week I had some extra time to run into a few shops right by our hotel. Some cute and some not. Here are the highlights!

1. Green green green! Cannot get enough of it! They have this fir & firewood scent candle that smells amazing for Christmas time. Of course the volcano smell is always a fav!

2. I’d love to have an apple cider margarita in the front right glass!

3. These purses caught my eye and they come in a bunch of colors. These screamed holiday party to me!

4. These demi-boot charcoal jeans are SO cute. They definitely stuck out to me when I was in the store. 

5. This is a beautiful sweater that also comes in red. If I didn't have orange hair, the red would be beautiful for the holidays. This ivory is classic and a great piece for work. 

6. Put this lace lined shirt under the above jacket and you have a nice outfit. 

7. I saw this basic sweater in the store and it is a soft and thin material, not itchy. My kind of sweater for being in the south when I'm always hot. You can throw this on with jeans, a pencil skirt or nice slacks. I'd love to grab this in pink and either navy or black. 

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