Thursday, October 20, 2022

Five Amazon Purchases

Thought it’d be fun to share five random Amazon purchases I’ve made recently. I honestly don’t get much on the Prime days because I’ve found over the years that it’s stuff I don’t NEED. So unless it’s been in my cart for weeks and it’s on major sale those couple of days, I’m prob not buying it!  Anyway, here are some things I’ve needed lately!

1. I’ve been looking for an angel for on top of our Christmas tree for years and never found the right one. Until now. Isn’t this angel gorgeous?!

2. I got the kids this jacket last year and they held up wonderfully. Of course Grady has grown a zillion inches and needed a bigger size. This is size small. It’s fleece on the inside but my favorite part is that the insides of the sleeves are slick (and not fleece) so their shirt just flies through when they put it on and you don’t have to yank their sleeves down. Know what I mean? Grady understands holding your sleeves when you put on a coat but he doesn’t have to do it in this brand. 

3. The bed that we ordered from Furnitureland South for Molly Anne arrives today! She is sooooo excited! I grabbed two sets of these sheets - white and pink for her. I think this makes our fifth set of these sheets. They’re not that slick and slinky material. They’re more cotton. But super reasonable price and they’ve held up well. 

4. My smart teacher SIL got Molly Anne this book as part of her birthday present and Molly Anne LOVED doing it. I recently grabbed the book and this big pack of markers for a gift for one of Molly Anne’s friends. I think she’s going to love it. 

5. Molly Anne learned the Fifty Nifty United States song in school and literally had the thing memorized in a couple of days. She actually wrote the whole song down and made a book out of it. This was about the same time they worked on coins in math. Combine all of this with her 50 state license plate search and I feel like I’m reliving my childhood and what I liked doing! Anyway, I grabbed her this book so she could collect a quarter from every state. She loves it. She took the quarter book and her fifty nifty book she wrote as her show and tell one day last week when she was the star student. 

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