Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Random Wednesday

Here are some random Wednesday thoughts!

1. On Monday Grady and I left the house for work and school and I discovered about 3 minutes in that I had zero make up on. So I ran back home. AHHH!

2. I've been a wild person this week with lots of room mom stuff. Getting Grady's Fall party organized and sending out all of the favorites lists, class directory and amazon wish lists for the teachers. I still need to get Molly Anne's teacher's door decorated!

3. These are your Christmas reminders
 - buy stamps now before the cute ones sell out
 - update your Christmas card list now! 
 - I also ordered these gift tags from Etsy that are super cute! I put in the notes section to make them stickers because they're easier to me than tags I have to tie on. I also had her change Merry & Bright to Merriest Christmas because I wanted "Christmas" on our tags!

4. My kids love some loud music in the car. I have zero idea where they must get that from. HA! Yesterday, Grady said, "turn it up louder so I don't hear myself sing!" It cracked me up because I do the same thing! Speaking of loud music - download Stir Fry by Migos. Also how about Disco Inferno by 50 Cent. Some ole hip hop. Dad, I don't have CD's anymore so you can't break them due to bad language like you used to!

Hope everyone is having a nice week! It's a good day to have a good day. 

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